What would you suggest I do to improve my production value with a small budget?

E: Well first off I recommend-practicing mixing, learn to “A/B” between your tracks and other artists tracks.  Original material always speaks for itself so learning multiple instruments helps one to understand songwriting and composition.  After being in production for awhile producers acquire so many amazing examples to use, try to make a track that hits as hard as Dr. Dre’s “Still DRE”, trying match compression, you can definitely get very close with a small production setup and some key analog limiters/compressors.


What do you prefer for producing, Protools or Logic Pro?

Well for production I prefer logic at this point in my career. I have used Protools for many years, and now prefer it for tracking large sessions such as multi-piece bands or choir/scoring.  It’s really a personal thing they are both more than capable of getting most jobs done.


How do you recommend I get my foot in the door, if I were to explore becoming a producer?

Well First off, I would say if you aren’t sure if you want to produce start off learning to spin or as an assistant engineer or intern. It’s a ride till you die type thing. People will push you till you quit. The best advice I was ever given which I used is:” shut up”. If you’re an intern, just listen (its how we learn), someone will ask you questions when the time is right.


What is the largest group of people you have ever recorded at once and how many tracks did the mix have?

Well I have tracked a 58-person choir as well as a 30-piece orchestra, although I have instrumentals of my own that are pushing 60-70 tracks. All depends on the project. Film projects tend to be track heavy I’ve seen them all in the 600’s when the all of small effects are added.


Do you like when up and comers contact you about production and do you really have time to listen and consider helping?

Yes, I love listening to music. A lot of things I get have great concepts although the production is poor. People just don’t take the time I do to make sure my shit sounds good.  Yes to question 2 as well. I do take time to listen and if the proposal looks good and like someone cares about their music I will definitely help them out.